People Vendor LLC began its journey in 2010 as a Silicon Valley Company specializing in providing expert software applications development services in the full-stack technologies. We soon identified that there was a need by many companies to acquire, develop, and evolve their own front-end skills and experience as quickly as web technologies were evolving. As a result, over that last few years, we have shifted our focus onto front-end technologies embracing the latest market trends.


More recently, we have gravitated towards being full-service, software applications development specialists with expertise on BA, UX, UI, QA, and server-side development. At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that we must never stop learning and delivering amazing products and services. We believe that we should be the ‘go-to vendor’ for software applications and engineering solutions whilst continuing to offer exceptional value to our clients.


Training: To support such a dynamic and fluid market, we have developed training programs, mentorships, internships, skills boosting programs, and Boot Camps, all aimed at current developers wishing to up-power their capabilities and skills. We will ensure you develop your skills in software technologies relevant to the current job market and that you can apply your learning by building on your company products and serving your clients.

Contracting: We are experienced consultants working on the front lines of company products. Our consultants are not seen as maintenance workers; they are specialists in developing bespoke software engineering solutions and experiences which will represent and support your business. We can ideally place your organization in a position to optimize its growth at this most exciting time in web evolvement.



People Vendor’s mission is to build next generation products, be part of teams at other companies that are doing so, and to create long lasting relations with the companies and top technology executives in the silicon valley. We aim to be known as reliable, capable, committed, and valuable vendors who offer incubation programs to exceptional individuals with entrepreneurial spirit who will become part of our team and use the expertise gained to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients.


We see a fully integrated API and widget driven future for software application development, where the process between technology development and implementation is fluid and enhanced by huge options of plug and play pre-written code. We want to redefine what it means to be a technology consultant and supply companies with relevant bleeding edge tech stack skills and our own set of APIs and widgets to service our clients and put us ahead of our competitors.


We have worked with tech giants and hot start-ups in the Silicon Valley area and have worked with many ultra-demanding organization such as Quinstreet, Niara, Threatstream, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, Walmart, PayPal, and Dell to name a few. A partial list of past and present companies we have served is given below:

Company Ethos

Thoughtful. Collaborative. Attentive. Focused. Fun. Diverse.

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