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Frequently Asked Questions

1How Should I Prepare for Our First Meeting?
During our first meeting, we would like to discuss your goal, product context and technology stack needed. That will help us to prepare the most suitable offer for you.

It would be great if you could prepare answers for following questions:

• Your goal. What would you like to achieve?
• Product context. What are you building and why?
• Current state. Where are you currently at with your product?
• Technology stack required. • Your timescale.
2What Does Your Development Process Look Like?
We prefer Agile and Lean methods. The process will vary slightly depending on your context. Mostly our teams use Scrum and we always implement empirical approach and make our process as adaptive as it can be. Thanks to the iterative and incremental approach we can deliver the Latest version of the working software as often as possible; this allow us to get feedback more often and adapt quicker.
3Will I Be Able to Contact/Speak Directly to Your Designers & Developers During the Design & Development Process?
Yes! You can contact our team directly. You will be allocated a dedicated Project Supporter who is part of our great team of people and they will be glad to communicate with you!
4What Support Will I Get if I Have a Question or Problem?
As mentioned, you will be allocated a dedicated team-member to support your project who will get to know you and your project personally. They’ll be your first point of contact should you have any questions and you will be able to email or telephone them directly.
5Who Are Some of Your Clients?
Our clients, and other companies that we have served in the past through their preferred vendors, include ... Apple, Samsung, Cisco, Walmart, PayPal, and Dell among many others. A much exhaustive list can be found on About Us page (link to section) and Home page (link to section)
6How Can You Prove That I Will Get the Best Work Possible?
We believe that our projects and clients speaks for themselves. Check out our list of existing and previous customers. We can also put you in contact with some of our previous clients so you could ask them yourselves.
7Do You Have Experience in Working with Start-up Companies?
Yes, we have worked with many start-ups in the past to develop, upscale, evolve and find their place in their market. Our team members are familiar with every aspect of working with startups and understand the challenges they may be facing.
8How Do You Manage Clients Across Time Zones?
We don’t have fixed office hours; our team members are fairly flexible and can gear to your needs. We can adjust our working hours to the client’s time zone. We use various tools to organize our work and to facilitate effective communication.
9What is Your Delivery and Payment Policy?
Our fees will be as set out in the Development Proposal and Cost Specification Documents which you will be provided with before the start of the project.

Invoiced amounts are payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
10What is the Minimum Project Size that you will Consider?
We don't scoff at small projects; small projects are important. Over the last few years, our project portfolio includes a wide range of clients - from big, blue-chip multinationals, to small one-man operations with great ideas. To us, the viability of the project and its potential to excite is what matters. Still budget considerations are important and we are happy to talk and discuss your development budgets with you.

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